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Get Auto Body And Paint Training From The Comfort of Home

99% of competing products use a cheap polymer based paint sealant but don’t have a ceramic paint protection. If you are looking for auto body and paint training than look no further. I recently found a site, that offered a course with lessons that cover everything you need to know to paint a car at home. I found that there were a couple of elements on the site that proved quite helpful as I undertook my auto body and paint project.

For example, it is wise to know how to conduct yourself in an auto body and paint store. While the clerks in the stores are there to help you, it is polite not to bother them as they help other customers. In addition, it is a good idea to have your questions thought out before walking into the store. Establishing a good rapport with auto body and paint store clerks is a good idea as they often have the best advice. They are also privy to industry updates and the latest news on auto painting.

I also found that the course was helpful because it offered the material in two different mediums. First there was the course DVD. This showcased each lesson in an easy to understand manner. I found myself noticing that the author’s teaching method is like having a one on one conversation with a friend or coworker. The DVD also comes with an eBook. This is great for those of us who absolutely need a text to refer back to or if you plan on rigorous study of the course lessons. In either medium, you will notice that the author uses the same vehicle to illustrate each step. This is unique in the industry as most courses will show you many different cars for lesson examples. Using the same car makes the lessons much easier to follow.

If you are not convinced that this course offers a superb home curriculum for learning how to paint, then you should log on. You will notice that there are many customer testimonials that can be viewed for free. The many satisfied customers felt that the site and its course were so helpful that they made short video testimonials. The customers hail from around the world and from a variety of different backgrounds.

Well there you have it. If you are serious about learning how to paint a car or if you just want some free information, visit Even if you decide not to purchase the course, you will be offered a free eBook on auto painting just for visiting. While this free offering is not as in depth as the course, it will help you learn some of the basics. Good luck!