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How to Approach Your First Yoga Class in Pune

Pilates instructor course also involves on your spiritual activities. Yoga is a spiritual activity that rejuvenates your body and mind through adaptation of specific body poses and breathing exercises. The first step is to find the perfect yoga courses in Pune that is fit for your requirement! Pepdeck is a search spot for all types of yoga classes in Pune. Find classes for Daily yoga, kid’s yoga, corporate yoga, meditation, yoga therapy and retreats. You may join yoga for weight loss, enjoyment, rejuvenation, fitness or just as a fun activity in you spare time. Nevertheless if you are about to go for your first yoga class here are a few tips for you to be prepared and know how to correctly approach it.

What to wear?

Women should wear tight fitted tops for a more comfortable experience so that when you are in inversion poses your top does not come down over your head. Men can do the same as well. For pants wear quick dry capri or full length fitted pants, this will help your instructor check your alignment. Other than that it also depends upon the type of class you are going for. For example weight loss yoga such as power yoga or hot yoga will require wearing outfits that wick away sweat, similar to what you wear while running whereas for meditation classes in pune you may wear loose t-shirts.

Yoga Gear

The first thing you will need is a yoga mat, you can call in advance and find out if the class provides yoga mats. It’s best to buy your own personal mat once you have attended a few classes. Yoga mats come in all kinds of colours and materials from natural rubber to synthetic, as well as different levels of thickness. Use a sponge to wash your mat with soap and water, and let it air dry. Other props such as steps and balls are provided most yoga studios or gyms. You must also carry a napkin and water bottle to the class.

Class decorum

When to arrive: it’s best to arrive at least 10 minutes early to your first class, so you can meet the instructor and find a spot you feel comfortable in. If you are going to class that is popular, get there 20 minutes in advance.

After you arrive: Take off your shoes and socks before entering the studio. Most studios in Pune have little cubbies or storage cabinets that you can keep your shoes in. Whether you borrow a mat from the studio or bring your own, make sure you unroll it facing the instructor.

Communicate: you may introduce yourself to the instructor before the class starts. Also inform the instructor if you have any injuries, especially a recent one, so he or she can give you modifications.

Practice your basic poses: Yoga classes in Pune have students that like to nail all the poses. If you practice some of the basic poses at home, such as Downward-Facing Dog, Upward-Facing Dog, Warrior 1 and Warrior 2, which are part of any beginner yoga class, you will feel more comfortable when you do come to class.