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I Consider It All Rubbish

The first time I had an encounter with Christ I was just a child, just eleven years old and living in a very poor neighborhood, in very poor conditions. Yet after committing my life to Christ and back sliding further after, my life took a turn which eventually gained me access to a significantly better lifestyle. Office rubbish removal Sydney help you move out faster by getting rid of your old office junk including furniture removal, old office equipment, electronic waste, office trash, and more.

Yet money, education, good relationships, did not fill the gap I always felt in the center of my stomach, especially after a night of lust and drunkenness.

In the last fifty years life have taken an ugly turn, if we look at it from the perspective of the increase in crimes and violence. And I attribute much of these negative changes to the fact that we have departed from the biblical traditions, we have taken God out of our lives and turned to a secular style of living which rejects any notion of spirituality.

Today, the focus is on career, wealth and power. Everyone wants to be famous, rich, important. But no longer is anyone interested in getting there the straight way, shortcuts are the order of the day. And the healthy desires to grow and be useful to society have been exchanged for a more modern way, bent on greed and selfishness and hatred and disconnection from anything having to do with caring for others and love to neighbor.

Morality is no longer a subject of interest in schools or universities and the best careers are those which teach us how to make the first million dollars by age twenty five.

Of course these are all pipe dreams, and the result of this modern system of living is an increase in depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, and crime. In fact the best careers of the time are those dealing with mental problems; psychology, psychiatry, counseling, therapy, and for obvious reason. The world has gone mad and yet we continue to distance ourselves from the teachings of the Bible, and those who still seek a spiritual way out of their problems do so without compromise. They will adopt any religion which does not interfere with their lifestyle. They will believe in God only if he is a “good God” who does not mind if they fornicate or get drunk or lie or steal or are proud and boastful or if they derail in any other destructive way.

Any God who objects to their independence and careless living is not a God for them.

And there are hundreds of religion today, catering to those who want to have it both ways; except, things do not work that way.

However, most people in modern society, especially those of affluence, ignore any notion of God or spirituality in their lives, they live a fully secular life completely separated from the truth and encased in a fantastic reality created just for them; that is until the truth slap them in the face, then in most cases they rush into some kind of spiritual journey, hoping to find comfort and hope where there is none, for this is just a temporary, emotion driven, search for a way out of reality and back into their pipe dreams.

“But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ (Philippians 3:7-8)

In spite of knowing Christ, I lived for a while that life of lies and fantasy. And I tried hard not to let go of it, for the cravings of the flesh needed to be satisfied, and the momentary pleasures, felt just too good to quit. Yet I woke up each morning, knowing there was more to life than just accumulating wealth and partying and sleeping around with strange women, and using artificial ways to enhance pleasure.

It wasn’t possible that I needed to be on a constant rush. And everything I did I did it for the rush it gave me, the business dealings, the women chasing, the constant partying, it was all just one thrill after another, for when they weren’t there everything became empty, insipid, meaningless.

And this is how every one of my friends and acquaintances lived their lives and some of them still do. Many of them try to mask it with a coat of respectability or goodness, or morality, yet once that coat is removed, it is all the same, they all need this one activity or this one project, or this one relationship, or this one job, or this one drug. Take note there is always something which needs to be there to fill the hole we all feel in the chest, some call it loneliness, others call it depression, others call it need for speed. Yet is none of that.

It is just the absence of God, the absence of truth, the absence of the only true relationship which can fill that hole in the middle of our existence.

I was there, and I almost did it all. And had it not been for the grace and the mighty hand of God; only He knows where I would have been by now. But he opened my eyes, and He truly wants to open yours also.

Christ is not just another way, He is the only way, He gives us a filling to the overflowing, a freshness and an overwhelming satisfaction which has no equal.

Once you’ve discovered the greatness of his joy and peace, a peace which transcends all human understanding, you would never go back. You would never have a need for cheap trills and tricks, for our Lord Jesus Christ, Got it all.

My past life was filled with charm and excitement, yet it was all a big charade, a huge dog and pony show which disappeared with the long nights and empty moments, when there was no one to put up my act with.

I consider it all rubbish compared with the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ.

If you want to know Him, just ask. He is listening!

Rev. Jose A. Luna
A servant of Christ Jesus

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