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Supporting Charities All Over The World

Motivate friends and family to when donating to charity of their choice. In essence this company has been supported by a number of banking institutions and they are currently responsible for donating a wide variety of community grants that have taken in donations from the United Kingdom, Afghanistan and the Middle East since its inception.

In addition to this, their charity funding has raised significant amounts for groups on different continents. They have so far raised more than 7 million and have seen them donate to other sectors including technology, education as well as entrepreneurship.

The Trust also works closely with a number of urban and rural communities which is predominately at a local level thanks to its particular Community Funding Programmes.

On the other hand they have another separate umbrella group which is known as the Technology Umbrella Fund. This particular group gives people the opportunity tech knowledge in order to help a selection of charities support themselves on the World Wide Web not to mention create and boost awareness of their organisation.

This company also is involved with working closely together with Israeli minorities who have been displaced. They work in collaboration with JDC to fund this relief.

There is a tremendous amount of widespread unemployment which is particularly among the Arab, Druze and Bedouin communities that are located in Israel. The project has a number of aims including to introduce new jobs to the community.

This is in order to get individuals out of their poor stricken lives thanks to creating new jobs for them. This results in training schemes which are introduced for these particular people and offering training for those out of a job and women who have been poorly educated or no education at all.

The JDC business programme enables ten minority business moguls. These particular small businesses will have the ability to offer a key role in promoting fiscal self-efficiency.

Minority families will then have the chance to build their own lives and earn their own money through these communities. This in turn will ensure jobs are created for others.

The Bonita Trust has also given 100,000.00 to the NSPCC and the children’s charity childline. This has been supporting children and their social problems for a number of years and was set up more than 15 years ago.

In June 2009, this company provided this money in order for childlineto update its technical networks and setup as well as buying key equipment so more children will be able to be assisted from the service that they provide.

This means that even more people will be able to benefit from this service and help benefit those who are in need of assistance. It is believed that this children’s group takes more than 2 million calls every year.