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Strategy to Keep Pest Away from Your Garbage Bins

But a clever raccoon can even work the lid off of a metal garbage can, especially if he can first tip it over. Thread a bungee cord through the lid handle and attach it to the side handles of the can. You can also place a cinder block or other heavy weight on top of the can. From removing one old fridge to a multi-storey office clearance, our office rubbish removal Sydney can help.

Other things that may help keep raccoons out of your garbage cans:

  • Hose out garbage cans regularly with soap and drain them well.
    Set up garbage cans on a level surface and in such a way that they can’t be knocked over.
  • Always use sealed garbage bags inside the can and double-bag really smelly garbage before putting it into the can.
  • Use a motion detector light or motion detector sprinkler near the garbage can that will come on when a raccoon is near.
  • Dust the trash can lids with baby powder. Raccoons don’t like the feel of “dust” on their paws.
  • Sprinkle ammonia on a rag and place it on top of the garbage bags inside the can.
  • Make sure there is no other food debris around your house such as pet food on the porch or bird seed or fruit on the ground that is attracting the raccoons to your property.
  • Get a yard dog!

Finally, admit that the raccoon has won and call Colonial! We are experienced in handling nuisance wildlife. It’s possible that the raccoon is nesting in your yard or even in your attic. We can conduct an inspection and set up a live-trapping program that will remove that pesky raccoon from your yard permanently.

Pests are a problem, but it’s not as hard as you think to keep them out of your garbage. Make sure you know about a few simple tricks to keep your trash undisturbed.

Keeping your garbage in sealed, metal cans in a garage or shed until you take them out to the curb can dramatically reduce your unwanted invasions. Other methods like heavier garbage cans and lids or even tying cans shut with bungee cords can make your trashcans impervious to pests, especially raccoons.

It’s the Little Things

Paying attention to details in this situation can pay off. For example, putting petroleum jelly under the can lid’s lip can prevent small creatures from crawling inside. Spraying a rag with ammonia and putting it inside the can will deter some larger creatures. Additionally, spraying the outside of the trashcan with baby powder or even bleach will armor your trash receptacles even more. Some suggest using bug spray instead of bleach and ammonia. Chemical additions aren’t the only solution. Playing it smart can keep pests out of play. Set up your trashcans in a way in which they can’t be tipped over, as this is the most frequent way that local animals sneak into your trash bins.

Other Options There are other options, such as getting a motion sensor that triggers a nearby sprinkling system, getting a dog, or even an electric fence. These solutions are expensive and perhaps a little unnecessary. First, consider the bungee cord method and switching to metal trash cans and evaluate further from there. These easy fixes will help you keep your house in shape, your lawn clean, and your land looking anything but trashy!