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Vinyl Wraps For Your Roadshow Vehicles

Promotion vehicles are a very effective way of promoting a campaign, product or event. And with the advent of vehicle wrapping, the options available are only restricted by an individual’s imagination. Vehicle signage Sydney are being increasingly used as the advertising method for company vehicles.

Vehicle warp advertising is a method of marketing in which promotion vehicles are covered partially or completely in an advertisement or campaign message which turns the vehicle into a mobile billboard. There are several methods to achieve this, first, simply by painting the promotion vehicles, but this method is rapidly being superseded by the use of printed vinyl decals. These have the advantage of being a lot more flexible as they can be applied and removed from the promotion vehicles relatively easily. This makes the expense of the procedure much less expensive, when switching from one campaign or product launch to another. This method is ideal for large vehicles such as buses, trains or trams as the large flat area of the vehicles make the application very simple. But motorcycles and cars can also be enhanced using this method.

Modern techniques in the production of vinyl have seen the development of bespoke decals specific for wrapping promotion vehicles. Special features include vinyl’s that have air channels inserted to prevent the build up of bubbles, and tiny glass beads that prevent the vinyl for securing itself to the bodywork until it is securely pressed down. This is especially handy as it allows the wrap to be lifted off and reapplied until the artwork is correctly in place. The vinyl can then be heated by a blow torch to mold the wrap to the vehicles.

Promotion vehicles can be further enhanced by applying the vinyl artwork to the side and back windows, though covering the front windows is not permitted for safety reasons. The window decals are perforated so passengers in the vehicles can still see outside.

Typically, a vinyl wrap will be divided into small sections to allow the artwork to fit on detachable panels and other objects on the promotion vehicles, such as the boot, doors and petrol tank cover.

Vinyl wrapping is often preferred over paint for companies applying their corporate brand to their fleet of vehicles. This is especially popular with train operators where the rolling stock is often transferred from one company to another meaning a rebrand is regularly required.
Motor racing cars such as Formula One or Rally vehicles are usually wrapped in vinyl as a convenient and flexible way to update the livery.

Marketing analysts and researchers have studied the effectiveness of mobile promotion vehicles. An outdoor marketing magazine has stated that mobile advertising have a 97 per cent recall rate and 99 per cent of those surveyed thought promotion vehicles are a much more effective way of advertising compared with traditional outdoor methods.

Unfortunately a few city authorities have strict laws governing advertising roadshow vehicles. New York City has actually banned motorised advertising. The main problem is congestion in towns and cities where there is a high population. In these areas, only non-motorised mobile advertisements are permitted such as adbikes.